Our Values

Continuously push the boundaries of app development by embracing cutting-edge AI technology. We’re committed to developing solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future trends and possibilities in technology.

Dedicate ourselves to creating technology that serves a greater purpose. Our platform is designed to build apps that address social challenges, promote accessibility, and connect communities, thereby contributing positively to society.

Embrace an environment where ideas, skills, and relationships can flourish. Whether it’s supporting our team’s professional development or helping our users’ ideas come to life, growth is at the heart of what we do.

Embrace flexibility and responsiveness in our work. As the tech landscape evolves, so do we, ensuring our platform and services remain relevant and effective in meeting the diverse needs of our users.

Encourage courageous steps both in our technological advances and business decisions. We believe in taking calculated risks to innovate, lead, and set new standards in the app development industry.

Uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all aspects of our business. From our interactions with clients and partners to how we develop our products, integrity guides our actions and decisions.


Technical Advisor

Advisory Board Position - We're looking for a visionary Technical Advisor to guide our technological strategy, ensuring our platform stays ahead of the curve. Ideal for an experienced tech leader passionate about AI and app development. No-Code Platform experience a plus.

D&I Strategist

Advisory Board Position - As a D&I Strategist on our board, you'll champion the cause of making technology accessible and inclusive. Your expertise will help shape a product that celebrates diversity in every line of code while helping us connect with communities and groups we aim to serve.

Growth & Strategy Mentor

Advisory Board Position - Guide us through the exciting world of startup growth. We seek a mentor with a robust track record in navigating UK startup challenges, scaling businesses, and strategic planning.

Connect With Us

Passionate about technology and innovation? IMAGINaiTION is always open to connecting with individuals eager to make a difference in app development. Connect with us to see where future collaborations can take shape. Share your skills and vision with us – let's explore the possibilities together.